Services we offer

Worldwide provides a diverse set of services to meet the ever-changing needs of a multitude of industries. Regardless of the industry, scope or scale of your operation, our team of experts will ensure you receive the telecommunications delivery technologies that meet your evolving needs.

Satellite, Television, Telephone & Internet

A technically demanding procedure, we specialize in both fiber optic cable splicing and copper wire systems.

Offering contracts for new construction, routine maintenance, on-call emergency service, extended projects, or one-time fixes, our copper and fibre splicing solutions are available for a variety of needs and situations, including placement underground, on aerial infrastructures or final destination building demarcation points.

Satellite, Television, Telephone and Internet

Civil Utilities Construction

We offer utilities construction services in Ontario and B.C.

From the construction of water distribution and sewer collection systems and power distribution networks, our utilities construction services are expertly deployed with efficiency, safety and professionalism.

Civil Utilities Construction

Customer Service Delivery

We provide a highly skilled workforce of telecom technicians capable of delivering best in class customer service to multi nationwide telecom providers.

Our technicians operate at a high level, and consistently, and dependably meet and exceed the set KPI’s for our customer.  Safe, secure and dependable Worldwide technicians are the best brand ambassadors for any Telecommunications provider.

Customer Service

Smart Home Security & Automation

For both residential and commercial needs, we offer comprehensive home security and automation solutions for homes and businesses.

By leveraging an automated security system, home and business owners alike can program, monitor and control their building’s security setup remotely or via an in-home dashboard. Your safety and security is paramount and our team of experts will ensure your security solutions meet your needs.

Smart Home Security & Automation